Forex Basics

Forex Basics

The interbank foreign exchange market (in English The Foreign Exchange, or the word of Forex) is the world's largest market.

Are exchanged over 4 trillion (4000 billion) of dollar daily, it is more than three times the total of all grants of shares and sovereign bonds together.

The Forex market is an interbank market, ie a market OTC (Over the Counter or OTC), which allows to trade 24 hours of 24 and 5 days per week.

The main players in this market are banks, large brokerage firms and large multinational companies who share a multibillion using their computers.

These huge volumes of trades provide liquidity and market depth unparalleled.

There is no "Exchange Forex" because everyone can take a share in this market buying or selling currencies but some financial center are known to be hubs of Forex as London, New York or Tokyo

Historically, Forex was only accessible to key stakeholders such as banks and investment funds. Nowadays, thanks to computer technology and platforms like, each individual can take part in this huge market as well as the largest investment banks.

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Exxonfx Provides the trading community the latest tools and the platforms So THAT MOST comprehensive experience of your trading is the MOST profitable as possible. Exxonfx is a Brokerage House and Generates revenue through the "bid-ask spread" (spreads) are Among the tightest market.